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Roxette in South African “moo-vie” production

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on April 9, 2001 to .

If only we would have had this for April Fool’s Day.

  André Humphris was sitting at his computer terminal in South Africa, and decided to do a internet search for “Roxette”, using

  The result? Well, on a website owned by Taurus, a cooperative whose mission is to improve the quality of South African livestock, André found that Balloo, pictured on the left, belongs to the Roxette cow family!

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*ROFL* but its not a latin word for a special breed...?

well..some time ago i’ve read about a pony (some breeding mare or stallion, dun’t remember) whose name was sth. with Roxette too...

And hey, if you like Swedish cows (who wouldn’t?) check out this site: It really ROX! :-)

Teehee that is funny. It put a smile on my face.
I think it was a late, but practical joke. LOL

Heheheh!!, I love that picture... Could be the cover for the single Milk and toast and honey here in Brazil, once it´s our first Room Service´s release.
Mad Cow!!!!!!!


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