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TCOTH falls in Germany but rises in Europe

Written by administrator on April 6, 2001 to .

On todays Top100-Germany, “The Centre of the Heart” lost over 20 places from a moderate #31 down to #55. Trend Charts made by MediaControl (a German tracking service) are still showing a falling trend.

  The good news, however, is that TCOTH climbed the European charts up to #17. Last week it was #23.

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Well, the common Rox history repeats. At first they fall down up to #100 or so, and then rise up to #1 and stay there for monthes. Everything’s well, I think.

Unfortunatey it wasn’t released in UK and I dare if any other single will be released in the future. Maybe we’ll have to wait for a miracle to come true.
Rox ON!

Oh come on! You don´t really mean that do you? I hope not! OK so things have changed a little, but you have to admit that “Make my head go pop”, “fool” and “Try” are really good and purely Roxette songs. I really really like the album, ok it´s true that I miss their usual stile but it´s good! Unluckely for me, here in Germany where I´m spending vacation, I first saw Roxette at °50 and now it´s not even in the charts! These people have really bad taste for music... ) : Keep roxin´!!


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