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“Room Service” officially out; Per and Marie comment

Written by roxeteer on April 1, 2001 to .

Today is the official release date of “Room Service” in many parts of the world. In Finland, for example, as in many other countries, the album was already in the shops over the weekend.

  “We’re #1 on the saleschart, #1 on the videochart Voxpop – which is a total suprise – and #1 on the Tracks radiochart, all in Sweden,” said Per and Marie to The Daily Roxette today. “Needless to say, we’re extremely happy! And it’s going well in the rest of the world too.”

  The release date may vary in some countries. Typically, Roxette albums have not been released at the same time all over the world. Artists such as Madonna and Oasis have used worldwide release dates as a teaser to get everyone in the record stores on the same morning. This, however, would require tight cooperation between Roxette’s record company’s local offices around the world. Roxette’s record company worldwide, except for the USA, is EMI.

  Confirmed later release dates are April 30th for Australia and May 15th for Canada.

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I guess one shall always knock before they enter. As for me I will ask for more real sugar in my drink together with Milk,
Honey and toast.

ohh.... the centre of my heart is trying a little bit harder in looking for a little girl called Jane.

YEAH!!! Day X is finally there! RS is brilliant, at the moment I´m listening to Jefferson! The weather is fantastic today in Germany: Sun is shining, sky is blue...! What a VERY nice day!!!

As far as I know Rox is working on a new record deal in the US, but no one knows if or when it will be released...
I talked to EMI reps at the release party and they said more or less that it doesn’t look good. I guess CD Now will carry it. Not good, but better than nothing. Sorry.

If someone remembers, exactly 10 years ago on April 02, 1991 “Joyride” album was released. Do you remember it’s success? Well, today, after 10 years have passed their new album came out. We just have to hope it would become as brilliant as “Joyride”. Marie & Per - thanx you for you still working for us! You’re best!

I asked cdnow when they would get the album for all of us poor, ignored americans, and no one knew anything about an expected release date or when it would be available in the U.S. So far the only place I have seen it online is Good luck everyone!

To all of us Americans...good freaking luck. If I had to guess, I’d say we’ll never see it. Hello import!

EMI Hungary sucks! First, they said the release date would be April 2, then, they delayed it to April 4. Today I rang them since I couldn’t buy it. Now they say they are up to release it on Friday, April 6. I really hope I can buy it then!!!!

For those with a credit card, wishing to import into the States, we recommend (excellent service) and (low price includes delivery to the US, even though that’s not clearly stated on their site)

I agree, i don´t think it is as great as the previous one. RS is 1000 times greater than HAND

EMI Hungary finally released Room Service today. There’s a huge demand for the CD, shop assistants told me that they had sold a great number of copies on the day of the release.


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