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EMI Austria and Canada launch “Room Service” websites

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on March 29, 2001 to .

A full-fledged website by EMI Austria and an updated Roxette artist page by EMI Canada are two new destinations on the Internet intended to promote sales of “Room Service” and generate interest in Roxette.

  EMI Austria is offering a Flash-enhanced site, with a look and feel quite similar to the site Fame Studios designed for the “Room Service” campaign at Apparently, there was some collaboration, but EMI Austria’s site was designed by a Vienna-based company called Motune. Fans looking for a German-language forum will find one on this site, along with other “fun” features. Marie and Per “sign in” on the blackboard when the Flash animation first begins.

  Meanwhile, in Canada, things are beginning to thaw out again, and EMI Canada has updated their Roxette artist page with a “Room Service” theme.

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EMI Electrola (aka EMI Germany) apparently finally decided to stop redirecting to their homepage. The page you get now is the same as the Austrian one, though... which is pretty good IMO!


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