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Video of Barcelona show available online

Written by roxeteer on March 27, 2001 to .

Roxette’s “showcase” concert at Sala Bikini in Barcelona, Spain was webcast live on the Internet Tuesday evening by Two video streams were offered, but TDR readers report having experienced more difficulty watching this webcast than the one from Cologne, Germany on Monday. The concert was, in most respects, the same. The set list was duplicated, and Roxette’s performance again solicited rave reviews.

  The live video stream was saved and converted to an “on-demand” version. While Roxette’s Times Square concert was available online, that was audio only… and delayed by over a month. The availability of this concert, therefore, so soon after the event itself, is a “first” for Roxette and somewhat of a surprise. The link to the concert webcast will be available for the next month!

Webcast image captured by Pietro

  • Webcast (Concert video available on demand - Windows Media Player required)

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I was there and it totally Great!! Roxette is back....

Check a few screenshots:

Seems you can watch it on demand already! It’s still jerky as hell with terible quality picture but what they hey!

Yeah, at you can download the whole concert in two different qualities. Check it.


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