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Rox DVD to be released this year; deal with Edel dead

Written by administrator on March 24, 2001 to .

Roxette were in the TOPradio studio in Belgium this (Saturday) morning to promote their new album. The on-air, webcast-with-video interview lasted about half-an-hour.

  While Marie seemed to be a bit nervous, Per was relaxed and laughing all the time. He even started moving to a dance song upon entering the studio.

  They said they had left Edel and are looking for a new record company in the States to release Room Service, with promotion hopefully this autumn. Per said “Real Sugar” will be the next single, and that – as he’s said numerous times before – he checks the main Roxette sites every day. He thinks RoxAttaq is a very good idea. Marie said she wasn’t really aware of “RoxAttaq.”

  Mentioning the new site, Per said there might be some new interactive tools added.

  Amongst other comments, Per said that there will be a new DVD videobox released this year (including rare stuff). He also said there won’t be a Spanish version of this album.

  The radio station also played “The Look,” “Real Sugar” and a bit of “Milk And Toast And Honey.”

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What do think? Is it good news? Why did they sign up to edel in the first place?

A DVD??? WOW, that´s what we all were waiting for. Gotta buy a DVD-player on Monday!!!

A ROX DVD...YEAH!!! COOL!! ...two days ago I asked about it on!

I knew something was up. I think Edel is not long for America and Roxette jumped off a sinking ship. Still, this does not bode well for their future in America. Perhaps Capitol Records (EMI’s American label) will see fit to release ROOM SERVICE.

A DVD? Excellent!

looking very much forward too! DVD rulez!

The DVD will be perfect.... my dream

I must apologize for my ignorance – what is RoxAttaq? I guess if they sound excited, that’s good, but it’s a new buzzword for me.

Hey! Sounds like Per heard people complaining, and finally discovered that Edel wasn’t doing them any favors. Keep being heard, keep voicing our opinions, because they do count for something!

Hablando de canciónes en español – a lo mejor, los hispanos estarán de acuerdo conmigo en decir que... cuando escriben una canción en español, cambia casi por completo el sabor. Es una cosa buena – me encantan los versiones hispanas “Lo Siento” y “Alguien”, aunque los dos son completamente opuestos a los canciónes en ingles. Quisiera oír más en español, pero tienen razón al decir que ocupa muchisimo tiempo. Si pueden dedicar ese tiempo a crear más cosas buenas en ingles, ¡oooo, yeahh!! :-)

Hey that´s great. Just two weeks ago I got a DVD Player and now that. I´m lookin forward to the DVD!!!!!!!!! Hope it will be out soon! Can´t wait for new stuff!

I don’t care bout the DVD (though is good), I’m just worried bout the cancelation of the contract with Edel cause if this keeps going Rox is gonna disapper from USA

isisix, this is not the place to comment that.

This is cool cool cool, BUT will the UK get it?


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