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German concert to be webcast live by T-Online

Written by frab on March 23, 2001 to .

COLOGNE - Roxette’s showcase concert here on Monday, March 26th will be webcast live using streaming video on Germany’s largest internet portal site.

  The party that night begins at 8pm CET, with Roxette scheduled to take the stage at 9:30. T-Online plans to have streaming video available for those who log onto their site.

  Then, the following Saturday, March 31st, they’ve scheduled what presumably will be a half-hour live chat with Roxette.

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This is great promotion for Roxette! They are featured by Germany’s biggest online service (by far) on one of their main pages.

Is there a possibility to save the webcast? Or can we only view it live?

I would be grateful anyway if someone gave us a summary of events and a few comments on Rox’ performance in general. Thanks.

could anybody explain how to access there and view the concert?

As far as I could gather you have to log in on Monday afternoon. Cheers.

Judith, stay online on Monday and we will tell you what to do, right sportsfan?!


what time is that for us australians? anyone know?

I think there´s a difference of nine hours to Sydney but I´m not sure as we change into “summer time” tonight in Germany. If the difference is nine hours the show starts on Tuesday at 5 am Sydney time (=Monday 8 pm German time), right??

But I´m really not sure about this. Would be nice if anyone could help us.

:)) thx!! i’ll be online

The site says:
On Monday, 26 March, T-Online will broadcast a live concert in the occasion of the release of Roxette’s new album, Room Service. The party will begin at 20:00 CET and the appearance will start about 21:30 CET. On Monday, you will be able to log in here and see the performance. Links will be added then.
Well, it’s 19:07 CET here, less then an hour, but there are no links on the site at all. I hope they’ll add them very soon.
I’ll try to do my best to record the performance :-))

Can anyone help me? Isn’t there a link on the site yet or am I
just too stupid to find it? I go mad if I can’t view the showcase!

wooow!! the show was great!! longing for tomorrow :DDDD

I was there and it was great.
I actually never thought that I would see them perform live on stage with my own eyes. At first I thought they would only perform in some sort of playback, but when I entered the place and so all the instruments on the stage I realized that I got more than lucky acquireing the tickets for the show.
It was an impressive thing to see them live (and I talk of all of them). The version of Stars and of WICF sounded very unfamiliar with nearly only guitars and percussion, but were really great.
I really do appreciate it that they do it the guitar why, cause I think that’s when they sound best.

At the end they did mention something about touring, but all in all very vague.
I hope they do, because they are great as ever.
And the new songs rock as well. Too bad they only played two of them.

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