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Room Service door opens... and it’s Flash! Boom? Bang?

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on March 21, 2001 to .

STOCKHOLM - Fame Studios, along with EMI and Roxette Recordings, launched the official “Room Service” site located at today. The site – as expected – relies heavily on Macromedia’s Flash animation software. Users with less than broadband access to the Internet can expect to be frustrated by long load times. There are even reports from some fans that the site has crashed their computer.

  Fans can download screensavers and desktop wallpaper, watch videos, listen to music, ask Roxette questions and participate in a competition. The prize for the current one is an autographed album and a Roxette “Room Service” bathrobe.

  The graphically intense site was developed by Fame Studios, a company that has Per Gessle as an Associate Partner and Marie Dimberg, Roxette’s manager, on the Board of Directors.

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Broadband is basically fast internet connections like Cable, DSL, Satillite etc. Modems are not broadband

Great site! It’s not that slow with 64kbit. You can switch off the tune to boost it up.

Yeah, I’d also like to know what we can win with this competition, anyone who can help us out?! :)
And they should definetely remove the flash thing, it took me 10 min. to become a member!!!!!

although it’s a lovely site, it gives me a hard time using it... There is no need for so much flash...

Man, if I had DSL, this site would rock. But like someone said, it’s faster if you shut off the audio. And don’t give up immediately – even though Windows may say the site’s “Not responding”, if you let it simmer for a bit it starts up again.

The prize is mentioned somewhere on the site (I think under “info” next to the Q-of-the-Day) as a Roxette T-shirt, a Roxette bathrobe, and an autographed “Room Service” album.

I had to guess on the question for 3/22 – anybody know the real answer? (The others have been pretty easy so far. Yesterday’s asked for a word from the lyrics of the song that was playing, and the lyrics were right there.)


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