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New Roxette song to be featured on Brazilian soap opera

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on March 17, 2001 to .

One of the most popular primetime television soap operas in Brazil, “Um Anjo Caiu do Céu” (“Down to Earth”), will feature the new “Room Service” ballad “Milk and Toast and Honey” on their soundtrack.

  According to EMI Brazil, “Center of the Heart” will not be the lead single (commercial singles are not usually released in Brazil). “Milk and Toast and Honey” will instead be included on the soundtrack of this Globo TV novela about an angel (pictured) that comes to earth to help a father with his problems.

  Soap operas are extremely popular in Brazil and therefore, the fans in Brazil are excited as they think this means a guaranteed “hit” for Roxette in Brazil. “If it’s on the soundtrack, then that means it’s going to be a hit,” said one.

— Kimie Shimabukuro and Eliel Costa, Jr. contributed to this article.

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I think this is a wonderfull news ’cause I was too little to remember when LTYH and Spending my time were played in Brasilian television so now I can enjoy listening to Roxette while I whatch my favorite soap opera and I think that Caio Blat is gorgeous but I think as well that Glogo sucks but they were smart enough to put such wonderfull band in one of their “novela” and this time will hapenn like the others times Roxette will become again a known band here in Brasil

Oh my god... a soap opera??? This is just so cheap! What’s next? The “Boogie-bass special edition” (yep, that stupid singing fish they want to sell you on TV) singing one of roxette’s songs?

Hello, “Not registered”!
I guess we wouldn’t agree on what a reall fan should be like. As far as I’m concerned I think anyone can be a real fan, even if he/she doesn’t support some of the artist’s decisions. Blindly following your idols does not make you any better. I think that music by itself is much more important than success, which I think should be a bonus and not the only goal.
As for the novellas - we are getting flooded with them here where I live. I realise how popular they are, but - so is Ricky Lake! Being on the soundtrack of a mindless soap opera (judging by those I could see on our TV) might not be very good for their image. Being known as a “McDonalds band” was bad enough, wouldn’t you agree?

I hate soap operas..they make me sick. Why the hell does Roxette want to be in a cheap show like that....

Milk&ToasT&Honey: SURE HIT!!!
I simply couldn’t hang to listen the people asking every damn day: Love by Grace, oh, damn!! That doesn’t mean the song is bad anyway, but that SUCKS!! I don’t watch this novela, but, let’s admit, the 7:00pm soap operas, are even popularest between the youth public than the 8:00pm. That means: Roxette on TOP OF THE CHARTS AGAIN!! At least in South America, considering that Globo TV can reach all the latin countries!! And if it was chosen as the novela ballad, it will be so popular as Love By Grace!!
Savage Garden: “Why should I cry, cry, for you?...”

that’s a good will become s strong hit in Brazil.
I’m here in Toronto to improve my English, but I want to see Roxette topping the charts in Brazil.
That’s really Good news!!

When I read this article I really got surprised. EMI Brazil hasn’t done a good job with the promotion of the last Roxette albums like Have a Nice Day, Baladas in Español and Don’t Bore Us..., so it’s amazing that EMI decided to include a Roxette Room Service song in a soap opera, cause this means a lot here in Brazil; Milk and Toast and Honey will certainly be a very popular song here, maybe as popular as Spending my time, if it’s possible...


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