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Roxette’s promotion trip to Spain has place for fans

Written by Jud on March 17, 2001 to .

MADRID - Roxette is going to go to Spain for promotion… not once, but twice!

  First, Roxette will be in Barcelona. On March 27th they’ll be appearing in a private showcase performance arranged by EMI. RoxSpain has been given some tickets to distribute to fans. Then, on March 28th, Per and Marie will appear on the TeleCinco program “Cronicas Marcianas.”

  On April 3rd, Roxette will be here to appear on the program “Musica Si.” As the studios are located outside of the Madrid city center, there will be charter buses available to transport fans there. On April 4th, there will be a signing session at Corte Inglés in Pl. Sol at about 7 pm.

  On the 5th, a TV special about Roxette will be recorded and again, fans can be part of the audience and bus transportation is available.

  Further information is available from the RoxSpain website.

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