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Roxette visits Viva on Wednesday

Written by cskendras on March 12, 2001 to .

Per and Marie are special guests at the German TV station Viva on Wednesday, March 14th from 3pm to 5pm (CET, UTC+1). Their new video for “The Centre Of The Heart” will have its German premiere during their visit. Viva is the most popular music TV station in Germany.

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What a pitty. Here in Switzerland, we only have VIVA SWIZZ.

sheees....dito! thought it’s not a big deal to loose Viva and get VivaSwizz.......till this news :(((

I must say that I’m not suprised. After all Marie and Per were quests in Viva Interaktiv when they releised NAND. I just hope that Viva will play original video for TCOTH.

Why doesn’t Viva Zwei play Roxette Videos. Viva Zwei is far more popular (at least here in Serbia) than Viva.

Viva II says Roxette is shit, god damn shit. And they even say it less nice. During the HAND days one of the VJ´s said Roxette is the biggest crap he has ever heard. Well, I guess that´s why they don´t play it! Not a pity at all, since they don´t play any pop music.

Are the VJ’s really allowed to say their own opinions (especially on such a big TV station)?
I didn’t know that VJ’s decide what videos the channel plays...

Oh, Viva II more popular?
It was reported in Germany that V.II will quit in the summer because it hasn’t enough viewers. The problem is that they pretend to be so extra cool, so uncommercial. No mainstream, no viewers!

I have just watched the interview and i am very happy.
A very good method to promotem, but it’s a pitty that they didn’t perform
TCOTH there...doesn’t matter!!!!They’re the best!!!!!!!!!!!
5 days left till monday...


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