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Roxette to perform at Radio Donna birthday party in Belgium

Written by administrator on March 6, 2001 to .

On March 24th, Roxette will perform at the Radio Donna birthday party in Belgium. Radio Donna celebrates its 9th anniversary with a big party at Expo Hallen in Kortrijk (about 90 kilometres from Brussels). Many artists from Belgium will perform as well as some international top acts, such as Roxette and Emilia.

  Performances are spread over three stages and the show will start at 21:00, followed by a dance party called “Donna’s Dansfolie” starting around 23:00.

  Tickets cost 400 BEF (10 EUR) and can be ordered by calling +32 900 288 18. People have to be quick as there are only a limited number of tickets available (around 8,000). Last year, all the tickets were sold a month before the event.

  Radio Donna is the biggest radio station in Belgium and is very Roxette-friendly: two years ago Marie and Per were invited to the birthday party and performed “Wish I Could Fly” and “The Look”.

  The Belgian fanclub is planning a get-together
after the party. Further information is available by writing to [email protected]

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Hi all! I am planning to go to the Donna birthdday-party in Belgium. But I must warn everything: the phonenumber can only be called from Belgium!!! I have had quite some problems with that. The correct nummer to call is (from holland: 0032 for Belgium) 070 345 678!!!! Just tell the operator its for the Donna show and try to pay with creditcard!!! The other option, transferring money trough the bank, is very expensive when you are not from Belgium. Anybody with plans of going, don’t hesitate to mail me if u want more info! Maybe we can go together? I live in northern holland and will go by train. As far as I know, about 10-15 dutch fans are planning to go! Hope to see you there! AND BE QUICK IF U WANT TICKETS! ALLREADY OVER 1/3 IS SOLD!!! rox on ([email protected])

hey..belgians.... u’re all sooooo lucky..!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, and we Dutch people are also lucky for a change!

Hej, for all of those who needs more info on how to get there, drop me a mail at [email protected] or [email protected]

Cathy Carlier (Belgian Division of the FC)


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