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“Room Service” cover picture not final?

Written by roxeteer on March 4, 2001 to .

UPDATED - The Official Roxette Fanclub has removed the cover pictures of “Room Service” album and “The Centre Of The Heart” single from their website on request by Roxette’s management. The Daily Roxette has not received such request and thus we still have the album and single covers online. According to the fanclub’s website, the reason for removing the pictures is that “it’s not the final version yet and the artwork is not yet approved.”

  Interestingly enough, EMI Electrola, Roxette’s record company in Germany, has the same, unapproved single cover on their website.

  Update 3/7/2001: The fanclub has now returned the images on their website. While they seem to be exactly the same pictures as before, the shield logo has been altered so as to be less transparent.

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I think it´s the final version of the single cover! Otherwise EMI Electrola wouldn´t publish it on their site! Let´s see, what they´ll do with the album cover! But it looks fantastic so far!

I really hope that these are the official covers. They are fantastic... I loved the Album cover. And, since already, would like to congratulate RoxSpain for this information.

Well, if you have a closer look at the album cover, you can see that the background behind the title ’Room Service’ is somewhat modified, since there are so many dots around it. Also, the shield with the word ’Roxette’ must have been made with Windows Paint...

Actually, the picture is so heavily compressed JPEG that the “dots” are caused by the compression. JPEG format in general is not very good in sharp edges, such as text. I don’t think the picture is manipulated, if that was what you mean.

Roxeteer, I’m not a lame, I know that by saving a file to JPEG, it uses a compression and I know that those dots adr due to the compression. But I say it had been modified before, that’s why there are the dots around the tile. Leave it anyway.
Dear Guest - I share your opinion - but it’s got nothing to do with the debate on the cover itself - whether it is the real one or not. I like the picture indeed :-)

Being a graphics designer I can say that the cover for RS was not edited. The only thing done to it was it got compressed a bit too much for quality’s sake. Take a good look at it..... rather simple but MUCH better than HAND. Kudos to the designer on that one. Let’s hope the final version is only better.

The new single cover on leaves out “is a suburb to the brain”. Has the song’s title been changed then?

u don’t know a thing, it’s one of the best album cover, i wonder if any of u could make it better


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