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“The Centre Of The Heart” video censored by MTV

Written by roxeteer on March 9, 2001 to .

UPDATED - MTV considers Roxette’s new video, directed by Jonas Åkerlund, too vulgar for their viewers. MTV’s chief Mats Jankell, speaking to the Swedish newspaper Expressen, says that the scene where a man putts a golf ball between a woman’s naked legs humiliates women. If the video is left uncensored, it will be only shown between 9pm and 6am.

  “Jonas Åkerlund is known for doing daring things. This time he really has stretched the limits and tried to see how far he can go,” Jankell says.

  “The Centre Of The Heart” is Åkerlund’s 14th video for Roxette, including Per and Marie’s solo videos. This is not the first time his work has been censored. “Wish I Could Fly” (nudity), “Anyone” (suicide) and Gessle’s “Kix” (person pushed under a train) have all been censored by MTV.

  Update: Aftonbladet has also put up an article. Nothing new there. Åkerlund says that he doesn’t feel worried after so many of his videos have been re-edited for MTV. “They edit almost every video, not only mine,” he says in Aftonbladet.

  (Thanks to Mikael.)

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oh nooo!!!
i even haven’t seen the full version!!!, but it’s already censored!!!.....:(:(

Well that’s really not too good for getting more airplay BUT think like a teenager - “Ooh it’s got bad bits in it. I HAVE to watch it!” =)

MTV-Europe should be called MTV-UK. That’s why it’s censored!

MTV sucks, they´re allways whinning for nothing.
Anyway... on TDR i mentioned the image of the golfer and i got no replies almost... so it doesn´t seem to be so “big” to be censored... so.... oh well, damn MTV

MTV is a sucking TV.

Yeah, MTV SUCKS!!!!!!!! - as usual....
They mostly play videos of domestic “artists”, like that stupid
Robbie Williams (who’s an alcoholic AND he’s using drugs, but I think
everyone already knows that...).

Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!
But I guess they will censor it anyway now, Jonas said that in the articles. in this way they will at least have a change to get airplay.

GREAT! Roxette videos are censored and someone like Eminem is still one the sreen... with lyrics that make me go !!!?(&/((%(&/%!!!” MTV is crap!

I don’t care about censoring the video. But there are a lot of other videos on MTV that should have been censored than Roxette’s TCOTH.
Some guys mentioned good examples above.

MTV is so STUPID!!!! I seen the whole video on the Net. I think it’s great. To cut out a few scenes is against freedom of expression. Give me a break!!! I think they didn’t like the two half naked people making out to the song. Well oops. It has been done...*wink wink* !!! They don’t want to offend their corporate sponsors who are threatening to to pull out if they have too much flesh in their videos. It must be the price for living in the capitalist society we live in that is totally dominated by the dollar, yen, kronar and so forth. They need to see that some expression is offenive, (ie Emienem) and make some standard to uphold. They should get rid of the videos where implied killings are hinted to and abuse of spouses. Does anyone see the stupidity in that idea. Well that is where MTV is going. Have they seen an Eminem Video or listened to his music. I don’t understand why they are gonig after Per and Marie. I have never had a problem with any of Jonas’ videos. Its totally retarded. That is a load of bullshit!!! There are worse videos out on the market and they go after Roxette. I think their is no comparing bands and their message, but the standard in which they allow the videos to be broad cast. Sure, why don’t they air it later in their rotation so the ones easily offended aren’t offended. They should pull off Eminem totally instead of nicking a few scenes from TCOTH. With out those scenes, it just isn’t the same. We are human beings and not afraid to show our sexuality. Some purde people should learn that there is more to humans than the greed of money. Way to go Jonas. We love you!

Tom Green show is way worse than the video and they show it anyway!!... it´s something against åkerlund.
Tom Green humillated elder people.... and they showed it anyway. How did he humillate them?
He interviewd them with a vibrator instead of a microphone.... and he putted it inside their mouths and nose!

I wonder why WICF was deemed “naughty.” In the States showing a breast would surely have everyone up in arms. But I thought that Europeans were supposed to be much more at ease with nudity. So what’s the deal with the censoring?

Actually, according to the original article MTV wants Roxette onto the screens. They HAVE TO censor the clip, they want no risks.
BUT: Not everyone who buys music watches MTV!


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