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“Centre of the Heart”: The Remixes

Written by roxtexanet on March 13, 2001 to .

UPDATED - According to the online music store CDON, a five-track Maxi CD will be released - at least in Sweden - with all tracks being remixes of “Centre of the Heart”. While the site does not list the names of the remixes, or identify who was hired to do them, EMI Sweden has since provided additional details. Once again, Roxette has turned to StoneBridge to produce remixed versions.

  The info from EMI indicates six tracks: 1) The Centre Of The Heart (album version); 2) StoneBridge Club Mix Edit; 3) StoneBridge Club Mix; 4) Yoga Remix; 5) StoneBridge Peak Hour Dub; 6) StoneBridge More Vox Dub.

  The release date has yet to be announced. The site also lists the two-track CD single.

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There are more countries in which CDON operate log in to

CDON will ship to most countries, including the USA... without additional shipping costs.

Great.....6 remixes. *yawn*

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