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TCOTH video premieres in Argentina and Australia

Written by administrator on March 9, 2001 to .

Argentinian television program “Musica Total” will air the new Roxette video tomorrow (Saturday) at 1:30 pm on Channel 13 in Buenos Aires – which is believed to be the first such broadcast in Latin America. The song continues to climb the charts on Argentinian radio stations.

  Meanwhile down under in Australia, the program “Video Hits” intends to start showing the video this weekend.

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Video Hits- Well it wasnt today, must be tommorow :-)

And the video already had its premiere in Argentina Channel 13 last saturday.
I could even tape it :)
They showed it from begining to end... it´s a shame the ugly efect they use to present the song.

that’s right!!!
go argentina goooo!!!

Actually The Video WILL be shown on Video Hits on the 17th and 18th so The upcoming weekend. I don;t know where you got this weekends date from. This is 100% Confirmed by Emi Australia.

Thanks Ditroja, but I worked that out after watching most of it today :-(

I saw for the video for the first time on 11/3, on a Greek channel! :-)
Hmmm... I think that Åkerlund is the “Roman Polanski” of music videos...

Well, I recorded it today and there was nothing. Yesterday I also missed the first couple of songs,then recorded it all. they always start it early! Did anyone see the start of Saturdays video hits ,then we’ll know.

No they didn’t show it!

This is really odd because I got an e-mail from the video hits producer early last week and he said that YES they would be showing the video he also added that he loves the song! So who knows what happend all I know is that this is typical!!!

maybe they have to cut it . They might have noticed somebody playing golf trying to hit the ball into the hole :-)


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