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“Centre” is NRJ “Smash Hit” of the week

Written by PerAndren on February 28, 2001 to .

STOCKHOLM - Swedish radio station NRJ (a.k.a. “energy”) has picked TCOTH as their “Smash Hit” this week. NRJ is considered by many to be the “coolest” radio station in Sweden. If their listeners start to like Roxette… well, at least here in Sweden, Roxette seems to be succeeding in reaching out to a younger audience and capturing new fans. It looks like we have a hit!

  TCOTH was also last weeks third most played song on Sweden’s most popular non-commercial radiostation, P3. P3’s audience is somewhat older than that of NRG.

Editor’s Note: With thousands of radio stations, we obviously can’t publish every station-specific “success story” for TCOTH as airplay takes off around the world. We’ll do our best to keep you informed though. This story from TDR reporter Per Andren, along with news of similar successes (in Belgium and Argentina, for example) serves to indicate that the song has very strong potential.

  Even Roxette and their management sense they have a hit on their hands. “We are receiving an amazing response for the first single from all over the world,” they said to TDR today, “and of course we are very excited about that.” - LEO

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Cool!!! Roxette are back with a fresh song going straight into the Airplay-charts! I‘m sure that TCOTH will become a big radio-hit... Not only in Sweden!!!


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