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RoxSpain publishes single cover

Written by roxeteer on February 27, 2001 to .

The very active Spanish Roxette fanclub has published the cover of “The Centre Of The Heart” retail single on their website, RoxSpain. The cover picture is from Madonna Inn, the hotel where Roxette shot the video for the song.

  Editor’s Note: Madonna Inn has a very nice online tour to their various rooms. It might be fun to browse through the pictures and try to find out which rooms Roxette used for the video and for promotional pictures such as this single cover. I don’t know if that’s possible, but let’s try it!

  (Judith, thanks again!)

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This is a really cool one, huh? Great that the cover belongs to the video, so people will recognize it in the shops. Looks arty! I’m so glad that Roxette lost the cheap look of former cover-art! But I’m waiting for the “I don’t like green/The screen is so small” comments...

Roxette Look Sharp!

I like the cover a lot! It is so different from previous releases.
Has anyone seen the video yet?

this cover is great! i dont like the “roxette”-font but that is my problem... fits “roomservice”! maybe the album cover is out of 4 single-covers all shoot in the hotel? hope you know what i mean... cu out there @ the next!



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