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“The Centre Of The Heart” video premieres

Written by roxeteer on February 27, 2001 to .

The Swedish TV4 broadcasted the world premiere of “The Centre Of The Heart” video on Tuesday morning. Roxette was also interviewed on their morning show. Both the interview and the new video can be seen in streaming video format on TV4’s website.

  (Thanks to Judith!)

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oj! and thanks to Mikael Gardh in RML for posting the email with the link to the VIDEO :)))

“World premiere” means that something’s shown for the very first time in public. Movies have “world premieres” even though the movie would be shown in a tiny theatre for a very limited number of people. If everyone in the world would have to see the video to call it “world premiere”, we would never have world premieres, would we?

Great Video! It suits the “Room Service” theme very well. Cool colours, so powerful! And both Per and Marie joining in...

i’m really hoping that the other country (esp.mine~coz since now not even tcoth get air played through radio’s~) will soon air played it

What a brilliant video!!! I have to agree with you, guys: The
colours are great and Marie is so very cool!!! The longer break
after the bridge is a very nice idea, it reminds me the “good old
The look-Times” (na na nana na na)!!! Keep on rockin‘!


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