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It’s “Centre”, not “Center”, confirms promo single

Written by roxeteer on February 27, 2001 to .

The title of Roxette’s new track has British spelling, not American spelling which has been widely used also on this site. This means that the name of the single is “The Centre Of The Heart (Is A Suburb To The Brain)”. The confirmation to this came from the recently released promo single (the cover of which is on the right).

  The promo single’s call number is CDPRO 4275. According to liner notes, the song is published by Hip Happy and it’s “produced by Per Gessle, Marie Fredriksson and Clarence Öfwerman for Roxette Recordings.” The sleeve also says that “’The Centre of the Heart’ backing track co-produced by Michael Ilbert,” whatever that means.

  The track was recorded at Atlantis and Polar Studios in Stockholm, Sweden between January 2000 and January 2001 and the engineer at the recordings was Ronny Lahti. The song was mixed at Polar Studios between December 2000 and January 2001 by Ronny Lahti, Clarence Öfwerman and Per Gessle. Additional recordings were made at Tits & Ass, Halmstad (engineer MP Persson), Studio Stacken, Stockholm (engineer Clarence Öfwerman) and Studio Vinden, Djursholm (engineer Mikael Boloys). The song was mastered by Chris Blair at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.

  Thomas Evensson contributed to this article.

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Yeah, that cover is horrible, but it’s only a promo. I think the commercial version will be different.
I’m happy that they decided to spell it as “Centre”. British English is a lot better than American. (Although Per and Marie use a kind of mix between US and UK English)

“’The Centre of the Heart’ backing track co-produced by Michael Ilbert” I just wanna know what the hell that means


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