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Marie and Per comment on US situation while on VIVA today

Written by cskendras on March 14, 2001 to .

Marie and Per paid a visit today to the German radio/TV station VIVA. They answered several questions from Roxette fans and said that the “Room Service” album might be released in America this autumn after some preparations have been made. “Formerly,” Per said, “we had problems with the record company in the U.S., now the problem is that we can’t promote everywhere (at the same time).”

  Roxette indicated they have plans to release at least four of the “Room Service” songs as singles. They also said that they will visit Vienna, Austria for promotion.

  When asked about their favorite Roxette song, Marie answered “’Perfect Day’… great song. By the way, it is very difficult to name one song as the best, but ’Perfect Day’ I like a lot.” “’The Look,’” said Per. “Great to have such a song… and ’Stars,’ many people said it is not good, too much techno etc., but I like it.”

  After the VIVA music channel visit, Roxette continued on to the “Top of the Pops” RTL television studio where they guest hosted the show. On Saturday, Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera and some other very famous stars will visit TOTP - so Roxette is in good company. TOTP is one of the most watched TV music programs after VIVA.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Per also mentioned on the show that the new site at will include a chat room, a forum, and a section where fans can “Ask Roxette.”
TDR reporter Steffen Foellmer also contributed to this article. - LEO

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I watched it and they said that there come at least 10 new tracks and they meant the album tracks, not the b-sides. Per said that these tracks are not on napster (according to TCOTH was on napster before airdate)
So, it is a wrong news, but they said that they will release at least 4 singles, so we can hope to hear 4 b-side-demos.


Autumn?? And they wonder why they are all but unknown here.

I have no problem waiting for an Autumn release of Room Service, as long as the delay really does mean that they are planning a U.S. promotion. We’ve waited this long, what’s a few more months if it could mean some appearances, or dare I say it, a tour? Besides, I’ve gotten used to buying my Roxette cds from online music stores, and even though it would be wonderful to be able to go down the street and buy the new album, if I have to order it from CDNow or something, then that’s what I’ll do. Just because the album isn’t going to be released here for awhile, doesn’t mean we have to wait until then to hear it.

woo..hoo another rox chat room, i can’t wait!!

”...good company...”, yes it’s nice to sit beside a guy who wears shirts that he probably stole from the Parker Lewis TV show...c’mon, what the hell Roxette is? A mirror to reflect the blinding glow of these “stars”?
Maybe the only good thing that Aguilera could tell Marie, is where does she get such whiter blonde hair tone. Well, I hope they really teach these crapmakers making nice sound on the stage...nothing personal related with them, but c’mon...if you want “good company”... try Aerosmith!!

Looking forward to Saturday now. :)

I’m not waiting until autumn. I’ll have my IMPORTED copy as fast as I can get it. Are you listening Edel? Get off your butt and get this released in America NOW! How many more sales will you lose until you figure out all this? American Roxette fans will not wait until autumn for this CD. Come to think of it, I’d as soon give EMI my money than you. At least they answer e-mails.

Per & Marie, if this is your doing WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?? I can understand not being able to promote everywhere at once, but that’s what videos are for! Remember what happened to CRASH! BOOM! BANG! when the American release was set back to autumn? At least I won’t find ROOM SERVICE at McDonalds (God, that was such a stupid idea...what was EMI thinking?).

Sorry for the rant, but this is unbelievable...autumn??

Apparently I’m in good company – I’m the only fan in the state, I think. When in NYC last October, I heard about “HAND” from a guy in the autograph line at Virgin Times Square. (Kicking concert!!) I found it in “Imports” at an HMV store. Even if “Room Service” isn’t “released” in the US, what are the odds I can still find it as an import somewhere? Someone mentioned buying online – where do I go? I downloaded several demos and such from Napster a while back, but I’d much rather find them on a reasonably priced CD.

There. Long enough comment? :-)

Sounds like everyone’s hitting it on the head. Either you really love Roxette, or you could hardly care less. Those who do, know where to go for the good stuff and are far too devoted to wait. (Guilty as charged.) And everyone else asks, “Are they still around?” This stuff, ladies and gents, is the sort of thing that we *need* to let them know when their “Ask Roxette” site is ready. ( is up, but not complete – faster connection than 56K definitely recommended) Just like when they released the American “Don’t Bore Us...” album, they asked their North AmeriFans to request “WICF” from radio stations. Maybe it’s time to make some more direct requests, straight to the source, all at once. Remember, we’re all magic friends... we can push this through and get prompt releases of stuff, if we push together.


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