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EMI UK not releasing any new Roxette material?

Written by onlywhenidream on February 23, 2001 to .

LONDON - Rumours abound about the state of affairs at EMI UK with regards to Roxette’s new offerings.

  EMI UK Consumer Relations advisor, Martin Nutley, has no idea about any upcoming Roxette releases - yet the rest of the EMI world does seem to know.

  There has been no official announcement from EMI UK about any release - yet Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles was praising the song three days ago. Other radio stations have not received a copy of the single, despite Rox-fans in the UK desperately trying to secure hits as a part of the UK Roxattaq.

Editor’s Note:  Is this the first suggestion that EMI UK is actually going to fulfill their promise of not releasing any singles from artists who fail to sell a certain amount of units? UPDATE: EMI Sweden has said that EMI UK will release “Room Service”… so we’re still waiting for EMI UK to confirm this. - LEO

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I’m sorry for all the UK fans. You can see them enough on the net. EMI UK is so lousy!

According to, the album will be released in the UK as scheduled.

It’s got to be said I am not even *remotely* surprised about this. After the débacle over the non-UK releases of ’Anyone’ and ’Salvation’ I half-expected something like this to happen, to be honest. I was amazed that ’Stars’ made it here at all!

The flak I’ve received for being a Roxette fan over the years has disgusted me, especially when “plastic pop” like Steps, Westlife and these so-called ’Popstars’ get all the PR, and a sexist-racist-homophobe (YOU know who I mean) gets loaded down with awards. Meantime, a band which is in it FOR THE MUSIC, rather than making as much coin as possible, gets ignored.

EMI: you are a disgrace. This kind of behaviour is exactly the kind of thing that will spawn another Napster.

P&M: for God’s sake, go to a different label - one that might recognise talent when they see it.

hotblooded - I don’t think its a case of Roxette not doing the right thing......its more their management.

It is now 21 March. The Spring Equinox. And where, pray tell, is Centre Of The Heart?! Nowhere to be found. Quelle fscking surprise.


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