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Roxette to perform at Swedish song contest – but only as guests

Written by roxeteer on February 19, 2001 to .

Roxette will be performing in “Schlager-SM,” the Swedish pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, on Friday in Malm√∂, Sweden. Roxette is not taking part in the contest, but they will be on the stage during the voting, after each competitor has performed.

  The show has a very limited budget and thus it’s a big surprise that they got Roxette to perform. “Roxette will perform practically for free,” says Expressen’s anonymous source. “But to get the chance to perform at Schlager-SM has a huge promotional value.” So, it isn’t so much of a surprise that according to the source, the initiative for Roxette’s live performance came from EMI Svenska, their record company.

  Schlager-SM was watched last year by 4 million viewers. Roxette’s performance on the show won’t be officially revealed until Thursday, but Expressen seems to be very certain of their source. (Helge and several people on the Roxette Mailing List contributed to this article)

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FOR FREE ?? I want Roxette on my marriage ;o)

For free?!!!!!
Is there Any Chance That They Could Play In My 23rd Birthday?
I Mean For Free, Right?

Probably it woud not be such a bad idea to take part in the competition...
The Eurovision Song Contest becomes better and better (exception:
Germany...). I think, Per and Marie would have good chances to
win the competiotion and crashing back into the charts... Ok., just an
idea... KEEP ON ROCKIN‘! NICK!!!


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