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Roxette invades Hungarian Top 300

Written by pietROxette on February 17, 2001 to .

Hungary’s largest commercial radio startion, Danubius, has recently asked listeners to name their favorite songs. In their Top 300 countdown, featuring all time international and Hungarian hits, Roxette is present with five songs: “Sleeping In My Car,” “Listen To Your Heart,” “It Must Have Been Love,” “How Do You Do” and “Joyride.” No other artists achieved such a result. Roxette songs ranked way higher that those of such present-day teen idols as the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears.

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Well that’s gotta be good!

Does anyone know if we can Vote to promote them?
Maybe we can help in Hungria too!
We should Roxattaq there as well...

Hi all,

I will launch the Hungarian Roxattaq site very soon. Actually the voting is over now, but I’ll monitor all possibilities to vote for Roxette.
By the way, the country’s name is HungAry, not Hungry.
See ya,


the good old times...

It’s good to see that these old (and still the best) Roxette songs are so popular among Hungarian people. For you who don’t want to enter the Danubius Radio Online site to check out the results, here they are: How do you do is number 56, Listen to your heart is 72, It must have been love is 111, Fading like a flower (and not Joyride) is 211, and finally, Sleeping in my car is number 228. Of course that it’s missing some other good songs like Wish I could fly and Spending my time, but Hungarian people have a good taste for music. I noticed that they love Enrique Iglesias and Cher too.

Well, that does show a lot doesn’t it? I think we should all start phoning & e-mailing MTV and radio stations and request for TCOTH whether we like it or not! I mean, come on you guys it is new stuff from Roxette and even though I don’t personally love the song, we need to tell people that Roxette are back and will have a deep impact on the music industry this year... It all depends on us!!! Keep on roxing!!!!


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