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“The Center Of The Heart” sound clip now officially out

Written by roxeteer on February 16, 2001 to .

The Official Roxette Fanclub has now put a 30-second sound clip on their website. Visitors can choose between downloading an MP3 file (469 KB) or the same file in a compressed ZIP archive (467 KB).

  The fanclub was supposed to release the sound clip on February 19th at midnight Central European time, but as the full song has already been available on Napster, the fanclub apparently got permission from EMI to put the clip online ahead of that schedule.

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I cant wait. Only two more days until (hopefully) NZ radio stations will start playing Roxette again! I also cant wait until certain people (mainly those who say “Roxette - that’s old crappy music), hear it and say “Hey that’s a cool song, I wonder who it’s by?” Then I’ve got them!!! =)

That´s sooooooo true!!!

I can´t hear & read it anymore!!!! Anyone who says something against the new songs from ROX should quicky disappear from here!!!!! F*** off that shit you write against Per´s great songs!!!!


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