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Room service in Australia is a little slow

Written by ditroia on February 12, 2001 to .

UPDATED – Graham Ashton, a spokesman for EMI Australia, reports that while these dates are yet to be “100% confirmed,” it looks likely that “The Center of the Heart” single will be released on March 19th while the album, “Room Service,” will be released on May 2nd.

  Additionally, the single should begin to air March 5th on radio and February 26th on “Video Hits.”

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UK anyone???? any news at all???? guys atleast EMI OZ have confirmed it.
Jeez EMI uk don’t even know theres a new album or single.

Why is the album here being released a month later then the rest of the world? Looks like EMI will promote Room Service as much as HAND which means BIG FLOP. Weve had 2 singles in 6 years! You dont.. and WICF. Probably 1 single off this album too :-(

The new guy Graham seems to be commited to helping roxette. Perhaps it;s because he’s not jaded yet. Hey Not registered I’m trying to find out whats happening in NZ.
Oh and Australian got Stars so thats 3 singles. Stars just wasn’t released commercially but still counts.

Guys lets not all lose hope yet, Yes Emi Has to promote the album/singles, but I also think that roxette needs a rockin new track to blast them back into the Aussie market, (eg Bon Jovi It’s my life). TCOTH could do this. Also I take creedence to what one of you said. Village Roadshow owns AUSTEREO which is the most popular radio network in Australia, and yes are also SG’s record company so yes this means that because Roxette and SG have similar sounds, they won’t play roxette. Finally I think That Per and Marie have to come to Australia. Although there aren;t many shows they can appear on, they an do radio interviews and in store appearances Australia wide.
Remember to request the song like crazy when it is released.


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