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“The Center Of The Heart” slips onto Napster

Written by roxeteer on February 11, 2001 to .

The upcoming Roxette single “The Center Of The Heart (Is A Suburb To The Brain)” found its way onto Napster this week. The track is an up-tempo song with both Per and Marie singing. The song has generated a huge response from fans who have been able to hear it. Many have endorsed Roxette’s decision to release an up-tempo single track, but the song’s similarity to Savage Garden’s “I Want You” has disturbed others. Some even claim that the song sounds more like a demo or a remix than a radio track.

  It’s unknown who the individual was that put the song on Napster in the first place. EMI Svenska started this week to send out promo singles to the media and local EMI offices, so it was probably someone amongst these people.

  “The Center Of The Heart” is the first single release from Roxette’s new album “Room Service”. Airplay of the single is scheduled to start on February 19th. Retail version will be released on March 19th. The album will be released worldwide by EMI on April 2nd, excluding the USA where Edel America Records will release it a day later on April 3rd.

The lyrics of “The Center Of The Heart”:

What am I gonna do when I get a little excited,
a little in pain, tell me…
What am I gonna say when I find the center of my heart
is a suburb to the brain?
You wear them so well, those innocent eyes
You’re puttin’ on a wonderful disguise
I want you so bad… I’m pushing my luck
It feels like being hit by a truck
This is no place special. Don’t know why I came
If someone has a minute, won’t you explain
What am I gonna do when I get a little excited,
a little in pain, tell me
What am I gonna say when I find the center of my heart
is a suburb to the brain?
na nana nana na
na nana nana na
Being with you, dealing with fire
Oh won’t you come around (come out)
come out (today) and play
(I want you so bad)
Answer my calls
Let’s spend the night within these walls
This is no place special…

  Thanks to Tina and Pierre on the Roxette Mailing List and the Official Roxette Fanclub.

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Ok, this song has no guitars in it, but that doesn’t mean that the whole album will be guitar-less. Personally I like this new style although it isn’t much of the “roxette” we used to know. I don’t think this will be a big hit, but it’s nice...

Though I like the song because I love Roxette and I can’t be objective, I think it’s a big mistake releasing this one as single. Marie, Per: if you read this comments, please, don’t release this one as first single. Everybody is going to say that’s a copy of Savage Garden’s “I want you” and it sounds as one of your B-sides. Let your fans advise you. We’ve always been with you in the worst moments, and I’m afraid that it could be one. You’re still on time to change your mind. Let the guitars sound and don’t go on with this “copied style”. Roxette has been always big with their guitars. Remember those phantastic Joyride times. Roxette can be on the top ten again with a little of help of their fans advises. Love always. ROX ON!

It’s definitely a bad choice for the first single. Though it sounds fresh, it has nothing to do with Roxette. There’s no great love-lyrics and even no strong melody. The only good part is Marie singing “You were them so well...”, but then it only goes down. I think it has no chorus. For an album track it’s great, but not as a first single. The more I hear the song, the more I like it, it’s not so bad. But I think the album will be great and very interesting...

Hello people!!! I really enjoy reading your comments!! However i really don’t think that the song is bad as many of you are saying it is!!! It’s really cool!! Even though it has no guitars, the song really has a Roxette touch to it!! I also don’t think you guys should say that Roxette is copying Savage Garden’s I Want You song style. I loved the song!! And it’s going to be a great hit!!!!! Thanks Per and Marie!! Yeahhh!!! Carlos E. from USA!

Well.... there is a fact that no one can deny. This is the worst first single on the ROX history ever.... can you deny it? even “Un dia sin ti” was better..... cos it was the only song of Baladas... that had an aceptable lyric.....
This song sound cheap, bad arranged, non inspired... and i can´t believe the fact.... that it really sounds similar to I want you....... that´s..... i have no words for that.... is like going down to the bottom of your reputation.... hmmm well i´ll stop here.....

“The song has got an overwhelming response among fans”
hmm i think you should be honest and correct that, Visa.

You people have nothing good to say about anything Per & Marie have done in the past five years. Stop bitching. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Personally I like the variety in Roxette’s music. All most of you seem to want are Sleeping in my Car rehashes.

I just dloaded “center of the heart” via napster this afternoon, and i think its a great single. Perhaps its a little naive of me, but I like anything that comes out of Roxette, guitars or not. So it sounds like “I want you”, so what? the sound is still individually Roxette and that is what we all want rite? Im sure the new album will be a mix of everything, dance, guitars, slow numbers, just like every Roxette album. So please guys lets show a little support shall we?
I cant wait for the album to be out. anyone knows if Roxette will be touring?

And SweetHello, my sentiments EXACTLY!

What can of fans are you guys?!

How can you talk about Roxette’s new single like this!

Roxette need our 110% support!

I believe Roxette’s new single “The Center Of The Heart” is an incredible song..and will become a huge SMASH HIT!

Stop being so greedy! Enjoy what you get!




Yeah. I like this song.

Hello guys! I’m reading your comments and... You know what? Calm down! It’s much easier to criticize when sitting at home... Yet, some people did their best.
Well, I must admit that I was a little disappointed when I heard The Center Of My Heart for the first time. I expected something else, so did you. I think that’s the whole problem. We all have been imagining new tunes, having in our minds Roxette’s past products and Per’s promises. So that’s why we are not satisfied. But let our minds evolve like music does. I think Joyride was great but I don’t want to have refurbished copy of that one.
TCOTH reminds me The Look Chaps Remix, but it’s catchy... Although I have some doubts if TCOTH will be the hit, I like this song. Maybe the chorus could sound a bit different, but when I listen to the smoothing voice of Marie singing ’I want you so bad’, things change...
If you can’t get convinced, try listening it several times... Besides, you should like it, because it is still Roxette.
As it comes to charts, every real roxfan will buy it. The problem is if the others like that song... Time will show!
AND TO THOSE WHO SAY THAT OUR ENGLISH IS ATROCIOUS... What a nerve! Do you know what tollerance is? I think you should be more understanding... Not everyone comes from English-speaking countries... Some must learn this language and it does’t mean they shouldn’t express their thoughts and opinions, although they make some mistakes. SORRY IF I DID!
Keep Roxing

Even Marie and Per doesn´t know how to talk English properly..... hmm well at least a few years ago

Come on people! What’s the matter with you? Let Per & Marie enjoy their job.
I think that TCOTH is very mature song.
The more I listen to it the more I like it...
ROX ON!!!!

I LOVE IT. so funky would sound really good play in a club to get on down to.

so fresh

you are all so negative (most anyhow). it doesnt sound like ’ Savage cabbage ’ after the start it slows when marie sings that then speeds up when per sings. and ”na na nana na na ” more like the THE LOOK and totally differnt chords and marie is a women although THAT one in ’ Savage cabbage is like a girl.............sorry ps love the strings in the song

I am shocked by the reactions from you “fans”!!! We should support Per and Marie- not bitching on them!!! Sure- TCOTH sound a bit like IWY. But that song sounds EXACLY like The Look!!!! And how can you expect Roxette to do the same thing that they did seven years ago!?! ( Coz it seems that most of you wants a new SIMC!) I think that this first single has the best chance of topping the charts since HDYD in 1992!!!

ROXETTE 2001 - sounds great !!!
Guitars or not, Savage Garden’s “I want you” or not, who cares...just listen to that song.

Wow this is a great song!

If this is any indication of the rest of the album, “Room Service” will be a wonderful new album...

Go Per and Marie!

Hey that song is just ..... GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
I´m really lookin´forward for the CD “Room Service”, I think it will be GREAT!!!!!!!!
To all the people in here who are disappointed or don´t like that song:
If you don´t like that great song, you´re no real Rox-Fan!
And by the way, the music of Savage Garden sounds just different from Roxette! Listen to “TCOFTH” and you find the melodies which caracterise ROXETTE!!!
Let Marie & Per try that great style - I think they will top the charts!

What can I say? I’ve heard the new song and i do not know what to do! First I think It is just a REMIX! Marie’s voice is perfect but the lyrics not so “Per”.
Q: Where is the guitars?
A: I think the final version of the song.
Q: Which is the real Roxette?
A: i DO not know! I like all of their song. Every of them contains something special for me. They are always the best!
I am happy that they are back and just counting the days until 2nd April.
coyote from Hungary.

I missssss roxette’s guitars!!!!!!! But TCOTH isn’t so bad at all. It catches attention and it can get into top charts. However, I hope(as you all probably do) the Album will have at least several nice guitar songs. Something like this, check it out:

I am just hoping that the new single will reveal tha true talent of our favourite band... Haven’t heard it yet but I am becoming a bit worried after reading all these comments... Hope the album will be Roxing at least!!!

I just heard the single.. Downloaded it from Napster. OOps...But I am going to buy the CD really, I am. I love it. It has a modern sound. Whoohoo. I want to hear it one more time, it’s that infectious. It’s great to hear them again. Yeah. GG

Help me! I try to download it from Napster but it failed. Transfer Error or something like that. So can somebody send it to me? Please. My address is [email protected]
Btw, I don’t even know if it’s possible to send via e-mail.

Hey I love the new single. Personally, I dont think it is a Remix or a demo, it sounds too much like something that Roxette would make. I dont know where some people are coming from when they say it sounds nothing like Roxette. Of course it does!!! Anyway, the thing is, if you dont like it, delete it and dont buy the cd. Simple! Also, where do people get the idea that Roxette songs HAVE to have guitars in them? Yes, some songs a best with “Crashing Guitars” in them but some are not. TCOTH is the type of song that doesn’t require guitars to make it good. Also, I don’t know if many of you know or not, but Marie and Per have said many times that they like to try new styles of music, and new things in the producing side. I say good on em! They make the music they love and we love the music they make. That’s it - there is no other way to it. Thanks for taking the time to read this, I feel much better now. =)

First of all, I’d like to say that no matter what, we should support Roxette at this moment instead of complain about this new single. Maybe TCOTH is not that good like How do you do or Dangerous... ok, I confess, it would never be that good like How do you do or Dangerous, but IT’S NOT THAT BAD. We must remember that this is the new Roxette single and we will be singing it when it starts to play on the radio and on MTV. Besides, Roxette like to change their music style and it’s good to see new kinds of sounds in Roxette’s albums. I liked Stars and Crush on you very much, and I don’t care if there are guitars or not on these songs. They are good anyway! C’mom, people, let’s appreciate the new song!

Roxette-atic:”I am shocked by the reactions from you “fans”!!! We should support Per and Marie- not bitching on them!!! Sure- TCOTH sound a bit like IWY. But that song sounds EXACLY like The Look!!!! And how can you expect Roxette to do the same thing that they did seven years ago!?! ( Coz it seems that most of you wants a new SIMC!)”

god, you should think what you say...
you said how can we want them to do something like SIMC 7 yrs old!!!..... when you actually say that it sounds like The Look, 12 yrs old

way to go dennis! :)

LET‘S KEEP ON ROCKIN‘! Let‘s have a good time and some
pretty cool parties with TCOTH! I think it‘s a very commercial song,
but how knows: Maybe this song is going to become a huge
hit in the US! As some of you already said: it sounds a bit like
Savage garden‘s “I want you” (chicky cherry cola...) but who cares?
I think it would be great if the second single is going to sound a
bit like “Truly, madly, deeply” or “I knew I loved you”, cos these
were great popsongs! I‘m looking very forward to listening to the
new ROX-album and all the guitar orientated songs... CBB!!! is still
one of my all time fave-albums ever, but times have changed...
People want to dance, and by the way: so do I!!! So to say it again:
Don‘t forget to HAVE A NICE DAY and to visit my band´s site
(! German pop/rock which sounds a bit like
the best band in the world... ROX on, NICK!!!


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