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Åkerlund to provide art direction for “Room Service” cover

Written by administrator on January 26, 2001 to .

In an interview published in today’s Expressen, Jonas Åkerlund reveals that he will be the man behind the cover design for “Room Service.”

  Åkerlund goes on to say that the new U2 project he is working on will be done in a similar style to his Roxette “Run to You” video.

  Believing that he has too many commitments right now, Åkerlund has backed out of directing a new Britney Spears video that had been on his production schedule.

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Clever man. Who needs Britney if he can work for U2 and Per ’n Marie... ;o)

This is great news! The first album to get a totally different look. In my opinion most of Roxette’s artwork looks a bit cheap (ugly fonts, too big letters). Otherwise I love the covers for “The World According To” and “Äntligen”.
Roxette deserves a platinum look!

ok...I love the “Run to You” video. I am so excited to see the album coming out soon. Britteny Spears is like a one-hit wonder compared to Roxette. She goes on her “assets” while Roxette has time proven hits...Who will be left standing?


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