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Gyllene Tider track used in Swedish rap song

Written by roxeteer on January 18, 2001 to .

The famous intro of Gyllene Tider hit song “Flickorna på TV2” has been used as a sample in a new Swedish rap song by Trippel Ett. The song, entitled simply “Flickorna,” is the first single from the band’s forthcoming debut album “Svar på tal”.

  The sample from “Flickorna på TV2” was used with Per’s permission. Trippel Ett didn’t contact Per directly, but spoke with his record company.

  “It wasn’t a problem to get the permission,” says Andreas Nordström of Trippel Ett. “But he wanted to hear the song and know what the lyrics are about, so that we weren’t throwing shit on him.”

  Per’s manager, Marie Dimberg, says laughingly in CNN Sverige’s interview that Per is “Halmstad’s biggest hip-hopper” and that Per gave the permission because he thought that the song was good.

  The single is already in radio rotation. The retail single will be in the Swedish shops on January 29th. The album will be released in mid-February.

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duh! again with the same? this is starting to get boring!!!!

anyway..., to join the mailing list.. duh, i think it’s .. send an email to [email protected] and follow the instructions of the email you’ll get..

Please, I mentioned all this in the Small Talk 10 days ago!

what the f**k, next time you wanna call somebody stupid, call THAT PERSON stupid, not all people that come from this persons country. I am from Spain and i’ve ALWAYS hated those songs in spanish, they are ridiculous, stupid, nonsense... see if I hate them that I even didn’t buy the second HANDÑÑÑÑ CD cuz besides I think it’s too much from EMI to try to earn same money twice, why the hell do I want a CD with the same English songs I don’t like (yeah, I think HAND is the worst album...) + those SPanish songs, done by the same sucker (oops, sorry) who doesn’t seem to know any Spanish?
Shall I say that oh you, from Argentina, are you all argentinian so idiots and so offensive? no, right?
And what the hell, if Maria doesn’t like GT, that’s up to her, I prefer marie to any other thing and what? And my fave band -artist is not even Marie, so what?

Luiz, his name is Luiz.
Gabriel is Per’s kid ;)


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