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Anti-racisim gala at Globen included Marie on piano

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on January 17, 2001 to .

Wearing sparkling green pants and a denim jacket, Marie sang “För dom som älskar” (“For Those Who Love”) last night at the Anti-Racism concert at Globen in Stockholm. Sitting alone – under a solitary spotlight – at a grand piano that had been brought on stage, Marie’s voice was strong, clear, and full of emotion. Before the last notes of the song could fade away, the performance was met with generous applause.

  Even Aftonbladet’s music critic Per Bjurman, who admits that he seldom has very much nice to say about Marie, wrote in his column today that her performance was “especially fine and extremely emotional.”

  Several fans who subscribe to RML reported that they were able to hear Marie’s performance live over the internet. Sveriges Radio (P3) both broadcast and Webcast the gala. A fan in Spain recorded the Webcast (see first comment for the link) and a CD of the gala, including Marie’s song, is being rushed into production.

  (Rodrigo Andrés, Judith Seuma and Sofia Björk contributed to this article.)

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And adding to the article... (hej Lars :PP)
- the CD will be called “Sverige Mot Rasism” and it’s due to be out 29th January if everything goes as planned. (you know how long it took Marie to master the DVD :P)
- Besides, the whole concert will be broadcasted on TV4 next 27th January. Get a 4-hour tape ready cuz the concerts lasts 3 hours and some minutes..
Other artists: TOmas Ledin, The Ark, Lars Winnerbäck, Rikard WOlff, Sahara Hotnights, Lisa Ekdahl, Nina (from The Cardigans..) and many many others :) it was a superb gala _esp. if u like Swedish Music :) _


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