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Written by roxeteer on February 16, 2001 to .

UPDATED The Daily Roxette is gathering links to online articles about the new album “Room Service” and the first single.

Latest articles:

“The Center Of The Heart” on Napster

Please submit your article links using the feedback form. Thanks for your help! Read the entire article for more links.

Articles based on EMI’s press release:

Articles on “The Center Of The Heart” video, directed by Jonas Åkerlund:

(Juma, John Turcotte, Frederico Leonardo, Stefan Schönhacker, Ketil, Ronald and several other people on Roxette Mailing List contributed to this article.)

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I don’t really understand you people. I’m not working for TDR for personal credit. In fact, I’m losing money for keeping this site alive (I pay for web hosting and don’t get any money back). The reason I put these links online was that I was thinking that some of you may want to read articles that concern “Room Service”. I don’t think that any fan “owns” these links. Not me, not anyone else. If you don’t want to send links, just don’t send them.

Some people don’t know what it means to keep a site like this alive. I don’t feel that Visa spends his evenings with TDR for his honour. There are no big “Visa” or “Roxeteer” banners spread around here. It’s nice to have this place, thanx!

Well... It does say “Thanks for your help” in the article.

I think Visa and Lars are doing a great work for
all Rox-fans, and we should really appreciate it!
Naturally most of news are from public sources -
web, RML and so on - but TDR gathers those pieces
and gives them in a readable form.

Of course you can crawl the web yourself if you
have too much time to spend. Personally I like
to read Visa’s compact and up-to-date news instead.
Thanks Visa!

To tempo: LOLOL does it make any difference to be registered or not, when the registered person has “no details” in the “user info” page? we know as much as the unregistered people as about you hahhaaha

Who the hell cares who unearthed the news?? This is a page for all Rox fans (any registered member can submit a posting), and you’re fooling yourself if you think that the people on the RML haven’t discovered this site yet... if somebody finds something and posts it to the RML, it’s fair game - news is news, nobody on this site or the RML has paid for the story. I’m just glad that people like Visa and Lars-Erik have the initiative to take time out of to post the latest news in a readily digestible format, asking nothing in return. News posted on the RML ALWAYS gives its source - i.e., the newspaper, magazine, or TV show that reported the information in the first place, which is the important thing, so that fans can assess its credibility. I repeat: Anyone can submit an article for publication on the TDR - half a dozen or so people actually care enough about informing others to bother.

VISA Rox!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Daily Roxette Is The BEST ROXETTE SITE ON THE NET.
Keep Up The Good Work Visa.

I guess some ppl here have some really serious problems with their ego. Besides that, everyone is free to decide to come to this page or not. and if it’s that easy to make such a page, why don’t you make a better one? and I know what it means to have a page. lots of work, and also costs for domain, hosting etc. Thanks Visa for this really great page and don’t care about ppl with ego problems!

It’s very easy to hide behind “not registered” and make your snide remarks. I, for one, thank Roxeteer for all his effort. I appreciate everyone’s input. Sometimes I feel as if I am the only Roxette fan in America, so this site is a treasure for me. I’d give your remarks credit if you had the balls to identify yourself.

You said it!! Go Roxette go!! We´re here for you all the way!! ( ;


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