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New album, “Room Service”, to be released on April 2nd

Written by roxeteer on January 15, 2001 to .

Did somebody call for “Room Service”?

  Roxette’s new album will be entitled “Room Service” and, according to a press release issued today by EMI Svenska, will be in “record stores of the world” on April 2, 2001.

  EMI reports that Per and Marie are currently checking out of Polar Studios in Stockholm where they recorded their new tracks, and checking in at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London for mastering the album.

  The lead single will be “The Center of the Heart (Is a Suburb to the Brain)” with airplay scheduled to start on February 19th. The retail single will be released exactly a month later, on March 19th.

  “The Center of the Heart”, along with other songs that may appear on “Room Service,” were registered with BMI as early as last November.

  The video for this first single, as we reported earlier, will be shot in Los Angeles on January 22 and directed by Jonas Åkerlund.

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I like hearing this.... I love hearing this. Sure hope it’s an uptempo song.
Like the short:TCOTH(IASTTB)!

nah.. no ballad.. it’ll be sth like.. she doesn’t live here anymore :P

These are the best news I’ve heard for months. But what can I do until the new single appears? I think that I’ll be spending my time and watch the days go by...

PS: I’m new here, and I’d like to say hello to all of you! HELLO!

Let’s call the Room Service!

I think the title is very strange... the single as well.. but I strongly believe that Jonas A. will make an ugly video with Marie and Per looking worse. Maybe I’m too pessimistic, but I think it’ll be better to be surprised positively in the end. I also think its uptempo in the stlye of “SDLHA.”

AAWW, how sad, I was *SO* hoping the new single would be *ALONE*, LoL


I didn’t expect such a title for the single as well as for the album.
But now I’m even more excited about the new songs than I was before.
Can’t wait to hear it !!! What can I do ???

“Room Service” is actually the coolest title, which a rox-album ever has had!!! I am surprised!
Well, the title of the single is too crazy to be a ballad.
Well, I am jumping now. *jump* *jump* *jump*
Let’s hope that the songs are even better, but I think Per is more relaxed than before HAND, because the pressure to bring something good might be away. Let’s hope for the best!!!!

The album and single title are SOOOO Roxette... I LOVE ’EM BOTH! I’m glad Per hasn’t lost his sense of humour over the years. Cool!

OH MY GOD!!!! I´m so nervous!!!!!! I don´t think my english will work well. But, Room Service?!??!?!?!? Giving us brand new songs? Oh, ok. Maybe Per´s is inviting us to Hotel Tylosun for a Room Service. And I´m afraid of that BIG title. And i´m afraid for the song... how will it sound like? PLZ GOD, as good as Run to You or other great ballads.
April is so far away...

yes, that’s what I thought as well yesterday, when I was laying awake in my bed!
We didn’t have to wait 5 years, but then I noticed, that for me personally, year 2000
was the first year after The Look without me hearing a new Song by Per!
Well, I think that “Room Service” will be big:If the first single is similar to SIMC, then they could come back to the Top10 Singles
maybe. Bon Jovi also reached #2 here with IML.
So Roxette could maybe have a similar success. And the album would automatically sell better!
Remember: SIMC was the last uptempo-song-single as first single of an album (and came to #11 in Germany as I remember)!
Then we had YDUM and WICF, which were 2 ballads.
Maybe that’s the resaon, why....let’s hope for the best

Yeah, yeah, yeah!
This a great start for my day!

Wow, I’m so excited, just a month til airplay starts! Earlier than we all expected. Äh, who wanted to say something about Roxette’s delays?

And the titles are really cool. “Room Service”, everyone wants room service!

we’ll if that’s the lyric, sigh, i like it a lot

Those lyrics sure sound like the real thing, if it’s fake - congratulations to the one who wrote it :)
Anyways, just to speculate, it sounds like an uptempo song based on those words. By God the world needs
a new popsong from Rox!

This is the greatest news since I don’t know when!!! Can’t wait until airplay starts. And the album title, Room Service, is just magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great! Hope it’ll be like TL or Joyride...

Well, “The center of the heart (is a suburb to the brain)” is way too long for a title of a song to be played on the radio IMO - I wonder what the DJs will be calling it... Center of the heart? Some already had difficulties when it came to WICF ;-)


well I asked some freinds on my break
(i work in a hotell) Hotelpeople defently are /or seams to be very offended by the the name .Sorry to say nobody liked the titel .


OOOHHHH I am so excited about this album. I can’t wait to get my hands on it, over here in Canada. Like everyone who calls themselves Roxers, I will be playing that album over and over till I get in trouble. Per Gessle is totally brilliant. Can’t wait until the second of April. Wahhooo. Crack open the beer and call room service cos I am not going to be at work. Yeahhh. Way to Go! Congratulations to Per and Marie on their forthcoming album. We can’t wait. We’re shaking with anticipation!! Yah!

The lyrics posted here are NOT authenticated. – LEO

Very cool title for the lead song. It does sound different from other Roxette songs though - it sounds like something Enigma would come up with. Also ’Turn Of The Tide’, ’Bad Moon’ and ’New World’. Wonder if we’ll have any ambient dance tracks? ;)

Oh yeahhh!!! Roxette’s finally back!! It’s time to be the number 1 on MTV!!! It’s time to skyrocket the billbords!! The world needs Per and Marie. “Room Service” is the greateast and craziest of all titles. It rocks!!!! Love Roxette!!

Per you are fenomenal!! You’re the genius that didn’t go wrong!!!! Yeahhhhh!!!


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