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New Roxette album in April (or not?)

Written by roxeteer on January 6, 2001 to .

Peter Mills reported on the Roxette Mailing List that EMI Spain had revealed him the release date for Roxette’s forthcoming album. According to EMI Spain, the official release date will be April 20 with the lead single released a month before that.

  Now EMI Svenska, the record company’s branch in Roxette’s homeland Sweden, says through Official Roxette Fanclub that the album definitely is not going to be released on that day. They don’t, however, give any further details.

  It may very well be that there is no fixed release date yet. As we know, Roxette is just finishing the recordings and it’s still a long way to the actual release.

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I guess they will delay it again, that’s the problem. Some days ago I heard rumours the first single would be out in February and I couldn’t believe it. Then I heard from a record store here in town the album would come out March 31st.
Any comments from Roxette??

Take it easy. Let’s have a little more patience...
Sooner or later the album will be out.

Would really like a “real” date for this as then we may be closer to knowing when there may be a tour!!! Anyone know anything about this yet?


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