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Edel and Napster to form an alliance

Written by roxeteer on January 3, 2001 to .

Napster, the controversial MP3-sharing community, has announced that it has formed an alliance with German-based record company Edel Music AG, one of the world’s largest independent music labels. As we all well know, Roxette signed a contract with Edel’s US label, Edel America Records (EAR), last year.

  Edel said on Tuesday “it will allow master recordings and musical compositions it owns or controls to be used for file sharing under the new service Napster is developing”.

  Edel is the second record company to sign a deal with Napster. Bertelsmann AG, another Germany-based record company, formed an alliance with Napster in October. Back then, Bertelsmann said it would drop its lawsuit against Napster once they were offered a secure, fee-charging service.

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