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Finnish TV to unexpectedly broadcast Roxette documentary

Written by roxeteer on December 26, 2000 to .

Finnish TV channel Nelonen is unexpectedly broadcasting part 1 of a 2-part Roxette documentary, titled “Roxette past and present”, today at 0.35 EET (UTC+2). This 10-minute documentary was not listed in any Finnish TV magazine, and it still isn’t listed on the channel’s web site. However, another TV web site tells a bit about the documentary. It’s a repeat of an interview made by Finnish journalist Tino Singh, and was previously shown in July 1999. At least TDR missed that broadcast totally.

  Update: According to Nelonen’s representative, the documentary was only broadcast to fill the gap between two programmes. They have no plans to show the part 2 of this documentary. The person I spoke with apologized and said that in the future they will try to avoid using multi-part programmes as fillers if they are not planning to show the other parts, too. You can send feedback on their decision to [email protected].

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Actually Satakunnan Kansa had this program listed on their Christmas edition recovering three days.
When the interviews first came out (summer 99), there was no mention at all but I caught it :) - the interview’s OK!

Hyvää iltää to you finnish guys out there! Feeling in a finnish kind of mood... Anyone from the RockCity Helsinki?

Hihi...sweet funny GesNes...;)) You know I’m not from Finland...but anyway...It was nice to see you here again ;)

Criz, nice to meet you here! No, of course, you are not Finnish. But maybe here’s some interesting people from Helsinki around... I need someone to observe Joje and tell me how he’s doing... Feeling so desperate without him...
Happy new year, my dear!
Vi hörs, Nessie.

nor the UK..... but then we never see anything (or hear it) :(

Hello GesNes. I’m from Helsinki. Mail me if you want.

Terve Mari! Nice to hear you are from Helsinki. You probably wonder about my strange comments here, huh? Well, long story, dear... If you want to hear it contact me at [email protected]
Would be nice to start mailing with somebody from Finland. Maybe that could improve my Finnish knowledge cos “Anna mun kaikki kestää” is almost all I know...:)
Well, rox on and write if you like!


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