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Recording sessions at Polar Studios in Stockholm continue

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on December 21, 2000 to .

The accompanying publicity photo was released yesterday showing Per, Marie, Clarence Öfwerman, Christoffer Lundquist and Ronny Lahti at Polar Music Studios in Stockholm where they are busy finishing the recording and post-production of the new studio album.

  The yet-to-be-named album (it continues to be referred to as the “Forthcoming Album” or “FA”) is due out this Spring on EMI, except in the United States, where it will be released by Edel America (EAR).

  Per and Marie, seemingly full of enthusiasm, took time out from their schedule to record a holiday video greeting. With the recording studio in the background, they wish everyone a “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” The short message concludes with Per saying “See you out there in 2001!” The video was sent today to record label offices around the world and to The Daily Roxette. It is available for download by clicking on the link below.

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Its a great picture!!! But i want to listen the new Roxette stuff, I hope it will be a new sound... I hope they re going to keep the smile after the realization...

I think they look fresh. That redish-blond on Marie’s hair - I think its the light obove. So hope the sound in the year 1 will be great again. fresh - not glued together! merry xmas every1


Per looks great!
Marie looks cramped as always.
The rest looks simply like having loads of fun.
Per looks better than ever before.
I hope, that the new sound will be a mix of CBB and TWATG.
Maybe a bit more background synthies a la WIlliam Orbit, but not too much, only in the
background. The rest should be pure rock. Also
some strange songs would be really cool....
The Booklet should be as personally as Tourism.
If you ask me: I give a shit about their success!!!!
I just want them to be as I love them!
Imagine they would sell fantastic, but we wouldn’t like
the music at all!

Really nice to get some update. They seem to enjoy the studio sessions very much, so we’ll enjoy the album the same way!

From TDR reader Luis Garcia: I’ve heard that Roxette is releasing a new album next spring. Is this really good? Well, before you get angry, let me explain. I’ve followed Roxette since the international release of Look Sharp!, and I confess they’re my favourite band (the only pop band I listen to actually). When “Have a nice day” was released I was one the first to buy it, I was very excited... A new Roxette album since 1995!!! But when I listened it I didn’t feel like I was supposed to. I was waiting during almost 4 years for a new album of Roxette, the GENUINE Roxette, and what I was listening was lyrics by Per, but music by something else, but no Roxette. Personally, I don’t like the new “techno-style” that they gave to “Have a nice a day”. My question is: Will GENUINE Roxette, with electric guitars, “gessle-ish” songs, piano ballads... reappear on the next album? May God hear this, and send us one of that albums than remains on the CD-Reader for more than 8 months, just like Joyride, Tourism... I really got frightened when I heard “Stars” as the 3rd single of Have a nice day. I’m sorry, but this is what I feel. I think I’m one of the loyalest fans of Roxette, and I felt really betrayed when I listened songs like “Stars”. But, I must say that the ballads of the “Have a nice day” are really, really good... I miss genuine Roxette...

who damn cares how they look. do roxette only have stupid unintelligent fans or what?

Title of the new album is “Room Service”
I’m back from the future , I’m the only one who know everything about Roxette in the next 10 years :)


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