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Swedish singer turns out to be bluff, Per gives his comments

Written by roxeteer on December 11, 2000 to .

In yesterday’s edition of Expressen, Per comments on a recent incident in Sweden where it turned out that the signer Tess Mattisson wasn’t actually singing herself for the most of her songs. The person singing was her backing vocalist Monica Löfgren who, according to Expressen, has also worked for E-Type and Dr Alban.

Technical advancement has helped musicians. In the article, Per and other music business professionals discuss Autotune, a piece of software that is able to correct false singing. According to Per, using Autotune is “more ordinary than people think”.

“But I’m not going to give you any names,” he adds. Per isn’t against using technical gadgets in making music, but he is sorry for the buyers of music who feel betrayed. “When I was little, I felt really sad when it turned out that Monkees weren’t actually playing the instruments on their albums,” says Per.

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Well, I really think Roxette is one of the best bands in the whole world, they have great voices and so... but I also now they “arrange” their voices in the albums. I don’t know if they use autotune, but as every band in these days, they make a little “magic” with machines.
Of course, i don’t think they support their singing in the technology. They have great voices . Even Per... when he can get the right tone..


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