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Per: “Napster is brilliant”

Written by roxeteer on December 8, 2000 to .

Per shares his thoughts about Napster, the free MP3-sharing network, in today’s Expressen. While it may come as a surprise, he thinks that “Napster as a phenomenon is brilliant”. He doesn’t see Napster as a threat.

  “When I was little, it was the same discussion about recording cassettes at home,” says Per. “But if I download U2’s latest single, I may think ’Damn this is cool song’ and go and buy the whole album. There’s this ’magnet effect’ people don’t often think about.” However, Per thinks that something has to be done. “In the long run, people have to do the right thing and pay for the music. Not too much, because then people will find ways to avoid it, but a little.”

  Per uses the Napster software himself. “Not very often, but mainly to get music I wouldn’t be able to get from the shops.”

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Napster is truly a great tool for getting music. I’ve downloaded over three hundred songs (about 35 Roxette tunes) and even though I own every Roxette CD, I use Napster so I can listen to songs at work without having to bring CDs from home. So, even though I can get the songs from free, I still like to purchase the CD. I think that’s what Napster is all about :-)

Per is a very clever guy!!!!!

With Napster I download all the ROX-trax that I cannot find in the shops or at record fairs or that are simply too expensive for me to buy. I found many (rare) remixes that are not on CD singles or albums.


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