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Marie agrees to perform at anti-racism concert

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on December 3, 2000 to .

Some 30 Swedish performers, including Marie Fredriksson, have accepted invitations to be part of a January 16th concert at Stockholm’s Globen ‚ part of a campaign against racism.

  There will be a unique combination of artists that usually don’t work together,” said Tomas Ledin (a well-known Swedish male vocalist). The group, “Artists Against Nazis,” has talked about a having a song written especially for the event.

  The concert will be taped and shown on Swedish TV4 on January 27th. Plans also include the release of a “live” CD featuring the unusual artist combinations Ledin mentioned.

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Thomas Ledin fans out there?

Please mail me to [email protected]

I’d like to know about his carreer and discography.



I think it’s great to see Marie out at this but where the heck is Per? :-)

gooood question, wheres Per? guess that since he wouldn’t get payed for performing.. he’s not doing it.. who did have in his plectrum “another day another dollar” *S* ahah wasn’t it Per? ;)

I say again, wer’s Per (get the pun?) :-)

Pickng his nose he may be but as long as “April Tears” comes out on time, I shall be one happy Roxette fan.

I fully support Marie in her quest for anti-racism. In fact one may say I am anti-racist myself. Power to those who accept everyone for who they are. GO MARIE!!! WE LOVE YOU!! :-)

Where I can buy tickets?

hello?? it’s a GALA AGAINST NACISM, razism.. where a lot of Swedish artists, who are usually “compiting” for top positions, perform at same time... *S* Per could appear doing backing vocals to any other band haha ;) or just singing with Tomas Ledin or WHAATEVER, maybe doing a version of Vandrar i ett sommarregn with Eva Dahlgren

APRIL TEARS? I believe that was already said to be not the next album’s title.
Are you sure that’s the name? Mmm...

Strange that Marie only appears on such events when she has something to promote. Don’t you remember Per at the gala for children around the world some year ago? He satt on the telephone during several hours in order to raise money. Where was Marie then... I guess she hadn’t an album or a video coming up. Per does a lot of charity work both locally, nationally and internationally. You don’t have to make a big thing of it though...


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