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T&A Studio escapes wrecking ball; campaign credited

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on November 22, 2000 to .

HALMSTAD - Roxette fans wanting to save the Tits & Ass Studio here have reason to celebrate. At least for now, the building will remain standing.

  Several recent press reports have given attention to the online campaign to save T&A - with quotes from actual messages from fans - and this has led to a decision by individuals affiliated with the Tourist Board not to raze the building.

  Apparently, the campaign - which was endorsed by The Daily Roxette - has helped the Tourist Board come to realize that T&A should be spelled “Tits & Asset,” at least as far as they are concerned. Many fans wrote to say they have travelled a great distance just to see this building (and perhaps leave their mark on it, as T&A is covered with messages from fans around-the-world as can be seen in the photographs below).

  As readers of this e-newspaper already know, T&A is the little, remotely-located studio where Roxette developed and recorded many of their famous songs. Halmstad has received well over 70 e-mails from concerned fans.

  Mats “MP” Persson and Per Gessle still plan to move the recording equipment to a new studio under construction in the basement of Mats’ new house in Halmstad. Per told TDR while he was in the US that the current T&A building no longer meets their needs. One problem for those who would like to see the site saved from the wrecking ball permanently, is that the building itself is not in good condition. Long-term preservation efforts would be costly.

  The studio is still in use. Just last week, Mats - working as the producer - had a young, local group known as the “Student Drivers” there recording tracks for a new album.

Photos of T&A show graffiti-covered facade, including a message left on a window pane by Nicole Breuer of Cologne, Germany. Photos by Lars-Erik Olson/TDR.

Editor’s Note: “Roxer-the-Sunflower” contributed to this story.

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As you all could read...or not read if you don’t understand Swedish... T&A was never planned to destroy!
The building belongs to a private person who happens to be the touristchef of Halmstad.
MP & Per already had made up their mind to move the studio anyway.
As the ground and the building belong to a private person, the city never could have built the street there anyway...
I don’t understand the fuss you all made about T&A.
It’s not the studio that makes the difference...
I live here in Halmstad and I think that this is ridiculous...
Maybe somebody could explain the problem to me...

Well tjej.The headlines in the papers acutally were that the studio should be torn down!!! Och jag kan förstå svenska!!!!...I know that a lot of Halmstads people don’t understand us strange fans!! It sometimes seems that Sweden has still NO idea how BIG Roxette are around the world...but who am I to say.
I just can say that T&A is absolutely special for me because I had a lot of meaningful, funny hours in front of this studio with my friends and some beautiful moments meeting Per!!
Of course it’s sad that Per and Mats will leave the studio because this place always had a very relaxed atmosphere to meet them or the other guys from Gyllene Tider. I also know about some embarrasing stories from fans who slept in front of Per’s house or crept on the trees or did other stupid things. I never would do something like that. But it’s fantastic when you have the chance to meet your favourite artist. The T&A always was a great place to do that without disturbing privacy!
I love the swedish mentality, I only made positive experiences in Sweden and I love this country and especially Halmstad a lot!!!! But..I also know that we are different when it comes to things like meeting your fave artists. For me it means a lot and so I love the memories I have with T&A and (almost ) everything what happened there. I’m glad that it won’t be torn down!

Hej igen! As I’m not born in Halmstad (and neither in Sweden, but in Germany by the way) I do understand how big Roxette are “out there”. I do also know the person who owns the building and I can assure you that there never were any plans to destroy the building. It isn’t easy for a German being in Halmstad in the summer, because all locals believe that your are one of those crazy German idiots who camp in front of an empty house, just because you think Per might have touched the doorhandle once. What I wanted to express is that it is NOT T&A who makes the difference, but it’s the people themselves. And if you, Chriz, say that you can watch them in front of the studio without disturbing their privacy...believe me, they do have another opinion.

Well tjej....if Per doesn’t have the courage to say “NO” when he isn’t in the mood than it’s his own fault!!!!!!!! I wouldn’t be angry about him! And once again: I dissociate myself from the “idiot-fans” as you say...who BY THE WAY ARE NOT FROM GERMANY ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t stand it anymore that EVERY german fan is called STUPID and FOOLISH every summer because of SOME can’t behave!
I have no idea how and who this started but I’m pissed off!!!

Hi “Roxing girl...!” (what a name...) I moved to Halmstad to study Computer Science and I don’t consider myself to be a typical German person... even if I don’t think that is any of your business. To your second question: that are no rumors, we do have common friends. (And Per has also already mentioned in several newspapers that he isn’t too enthousiastic about people camping in front of his working-place.) Satisfying answer? Or is their anything more you’d like to know?


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