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Marie’s concert DVD+CD out in Sweden on December 15th

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on December 7, 2000 to .

REVISED – With a cover featuring an obviously happy Marie Fredriksson performing on stage – in concert – for the first time since 1992, the live video from this summer’s concert tour finally appeared in stores on December 15th. The release date had been delayed several times due to “technical difficulties in the encoding process.”

  The package, as previously reported, contains both a DVD and an audio CD. The DVD encoding includes a commentary track, where Marie talks about each of the songs in seperate interviews.

  With footage primarily from the concert outside of the Marine History Museum (Sjöhistoriska museet) in Stockholm, this release marks the first time DVD technology is being used for a Swedish artist’s concert video. Interactive possibilities include the choice of camera angles. Audio quality is also improved, with Dolby digital surround sound being used for the soundtrack. EMI has even included all of Marie’s earlier videos on the DVD.

  The bonus CD is an audio recording of the Stockholm concert.

  International fans wishing to purchase this item will be able to do so – beginning December 8th – through several online e-tailers, despite the fact that Boxman is now out-of-business. and both will ship internationally. Since its launch a little over a year ago, Swedetown has proudly promoted Swedish pop music – including a prominent Roxette section. The site’s owner, Roger Ekelund, serves as a kind of international “evangelist” for the Swedish music industry.

  Another possibility is the Netherlands-based OIRFC’s “Fanshop”. They’ve recently upgraded the e-commerce section of their site.

  Fans living in Sweden or Norway, can order from where the it’s selling for about $27 dollars. is another online source for Swedes (who of course can go to a local store and buy it as well).

  Public demand for Marie’s greatest hits album “Äntligen - Marie Fredrikssons bästa
1984-2000” was unexpected. According to EMI, sales figures now exceed 220,000 copies. This makes her “the year’s best-selling artist and, undisputably, Sweden’s leading female artist.” The 18-stop summer tour, seen by over 110,000 persons, no doubt served to help boost sales of the album.
Editor’s Note: TDR photos below by Lars-Erik Olson

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Year “2000” = DVD. Hello!!!!

Excellent.... I can’t wait, I’ve been trying to order it since the beginning of oktober!
Good Luck Marie.... I hope this sells as well as the album.
Andrew epost: [email protected]


DVD may be the most awesome technology ever but it is also very out of my price range as it is many of us.
Still I’ll somehow get to see it :) and I’ll be owning a copy shortly :)

I have a DVD and a converter, so anyone interested in NTSC VHS copies may get in touch with me.
OK. let me rephrase that; if you have bought this DVD and you need to convert it to NTSC VHS you are
welcome to contact me. (For those idiots out there that have to complain about EVERYTHING!)
As we say in Sweden: pucko!

I’m totally OK with that. I actually don’t give a shit, but I was trying to be helpful. I can watch mine, sad for those who cant... Moron.

To build a new DVD rom in your computer might be an option for all of you who think it’s to expensive. You can buy one then for aprox. 329 dutch guilders. Just recount this to your currency, to see it’s not that expensive!

Wow that sounds great....but I waited 10 years
to even hear her Swed recordings so I can wait another 10
for the DVD.


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