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US version of “Don’t Bore Us...” released by EMI worldwide

Written by roxtexanet on November 20, 2000 to .

EMI Canada has, along with most other EMI operating units, released the US version of Roxette’s greatest hits with the title, “Don’t Bore Us - Get to the Chorus (2000)” to distinguish it from the version released in 1995. The track listing is the same as in the US, although the packaging in certain countries – for example Singapore – is different.

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I own both the 1995 version and the 2000 version of this CD, and let me say that every Roxette fan really should have both because even thought both CDs contain essentially the same songs, the 2000 CD has the 2 tracks from the “Have a Nice Day” album and the 1995 CD has the 4 “previously unreleased” tracks. Enjoy!!!!

This album was released in Portugal over 3 weeks ago. I suppose it has been released all over Europe? The inlay contains the exact same text as the other DBUGTTC, but as if Per and Marie had sit together in August 2000 to talk about the singles. Weird... The inlay is quite cool though, using those freakin’ photos from HAND but without those yellow/cyan/magenta backgrounds from the singles. A very clean layout indeed. Who was the designer anyway?

I got my copy of the 1995 version this past summer. Here in America, we don’t hear too much about Roxette anymore. The 2000 version was just released in America last month, and it isn’t seeing much action. Why? Because it is on a new, small label that has no clout. I had such high hopes for Roxette here, as EMI in this country is a joke. I thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse. Still, it is the first American release of ANYTHING from Roxette in seven years. Perhaps this God-awful label they’re on will be bought by someone who knows how to market music.


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