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Marie’s summer tour DVD to be released this month

Written by roxeteer on November 2, 2000 to .

EMI Sweden’s release schedule for November finally reveals something we fans have been eagerly waiting for. The promised live DVD from the Stockholm concert of Marie’s summer tour will be released on November 20th. To really make it a superb collectable, EMI is also including a live audio CD to make it a two-disc set.

  The DVD contains separate interview sessions with Marie where she comments on her songs along with all of the previously produced music videos.

  Ronald of the International Fanclub reports via RML that the DVD will be released without regional coding. This means that it will be playable on any DVD player in the world. However, the DVD will probably be in the PAL video standard. This could mean trouble for people in North America, where the NTSC standard is used. You can read more information on the standards here.

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I hope they will show alot from the Stockholm concert.. Since i was in front row there ;-)

This is also great for fans who live in region 4, (Australasia & South America) as Region 2 discs are usually also region 4, (at least 80% of all region 2 disks are encoded with region 4 and vice versa), this is because We both Use PAL and it’s just easier.
In answeing another Q. Unless you patch you DVD player, (or have a Region:0), and you have a PAL compatible Tv then yes you will be able to play it.

Oh, that’s really great! But I don’t have a DVD-player yet...

I’m quite sure that the DVD won’t have regional coding, but I might be wrong. And I don’t think they are making an NTSC version of it... After all, Marie’s singing in Swedish, so this release is mainly intended for Sweden (and Scandinavia).

where can i get that online? why no VHS?
but nice anyway;

YEEAAAAAH!!! Marie makes me a B-Day present!!! (do I get it for free now? ;-))

Aaaaaaaah!! YEAH!! THANX MARIE!!!
BUT....where can I buy it...otherwise...a Nobel price to the builders of the Öresund-bridge....let me think....when I’m jumping in my car now I can be in Malmö in about 5 hours...!!! Just kidding...where can we order it?? Thru the Fanclub??? PLEAASEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

I can’t believe i’m gonna be in Sweden when the DVD is out :))) Well, so far I have got orders from 6 friends to buy it for them, anybody else? *S*
GOD!!! and the videos.. thx Marie IGEN!!!
Oj oj oj.. can’t wait.. what a week is waiting for me.. Marie on 20th, Eva on 21st, Efva 23rd.. *S*

I hate to bitch about this, but the DVD will most probably be released in Sweden only (possibly Germany) AND it will be in PAL ONLY...
Tough, but the plain truth. Seriously though, why would it be released anywhere else? Sales would be ridiculous if released worldwide.

!!!! since when Marie solo albums have been released in other countries besides Scandinavia?!!?
this shouldn’t sound new to you, it’s Marie solo in Swedish, if you’ve seen the former albums at ur local store it’s because they have imported it *specially* from Sweden, not cuz it has been released in i.e. Spain or Germany or whatever ....

Some of Marie’s solo albums have been released in both Germany and Japan. And no, PAL and NTSC most certainly goes for DVDs as well as VHS, so if you don’t have a PAL-compatible DVD player you CAN’T watch this... (I don’t know if this goes for computer DVDs though.) North America, Japan, Mexico and Peru have NTSC.


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