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Roxette “Unplugged” performance to appear on DVD

Written by roxeteer on October 15, 2000 to .

Update: “It Must Have Been Love” was dropped out of the release at the last minute. Read this article for more information.

The first DVD to feature a Roxette live performance will be released at the end of this month. “MTV Unplugged: Finest Moments” includes, among performances by other artists, an acoustic rendition of “It Must Have Been Love” from the Roxette “Unplugged” session. This compilation was previosly released on VHS in 1999. The DVD version will be released on October 31.

Up to this point, the only other DVD’s that contain Roxette’s music are the two Richard Gere/Julia Roberts movies, both directed by Garry Marshall: Pretty Woman (“It Must Have Been Love”) and Runaway Bride (“It Will Take A Long, Long Time”). As far as the editorial staff at TDR knows, the infamous Super Mario Bros. movie (featuring “Almost Unreal”) hasn’t been released on DVD.

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waaaw roxette on dvd

At last, after a long waiting time it happened !

*ypa-a-a, ROXETTE HA DVD !!!

As first, I haven’t got a DVD-Player. And the second thing is that
“It must have been love” seems to be the only song on that DVD.
Roxette should release a DVD by themselves and not only a track on
an MTV DVD. If you really want to hear excellent quality of the Unplugged-Session
you can buy “North stars” or “Uncensored & Uncut”.

I don’t think it’s Marie on the cover. Check out for a bigger pic.

The person in the picture is Simon LeBon of Duran2. On the LD however, there’s a pic of Roxette.
About the Marie DVD; keep in mind that it will be region coded 2, so it will only be viewable in Europe and Japan. (Unless you have a
region-free machine, that is.) And it will, of course, be in PAL...

Why don’t Roxette realese their whole unpluggedsession instead of just one track on a compilation? I have some songs from the unpluggedsession but I don’t like the sound quality when it’s recorded from VHS to CD! I would love the whole Roxette - Unplugged on DVD!

I must say that it is a shame, that almost every wellknown artist has got a DVD. ANd Roxette????? Nothing .. a song on the Unplugged-DVD .. really amazing!
Then to the other thing with the Marie-DVD. I never saw a Music-DVD, which weren’t CODE 0, which means that it can be shown in every Country.

well is always great to know that roxette appears somewhere, but for brazilians maybe this DVD will came too later expensive.
A brazilian fan has to import almost everything.


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