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“Don’t Bore Us” debuts on Billboard chart

Written by DanJKroll on October 12, 2000 to .

It’s not The Billboard 200, but Roxette fans can take solace that their favorite Swedish duo is back on a Billboard chart. “Don’t Bore Us, Get To The Chorus - Greatest Hits” (Roxette/Edel America) debuts on the Top Independent Albums chart at No. 42. As you all know, Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson signed with Edel America after a long run on EMI.

The last Roxette album to appear on The Billboard 200 was “Tourism” in 1992.

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This is all well and good however the exposure they need is on the Top200.

Have you seen some of the crap higher up in the independent chart? Elvis Presley’s Greatest!

Come on US - got your ROX on!

Of course Roxette will go up again!!! How could you even doubt it?!?! Come on it´s Roxette!! ( :

No. “Crash! Boom! Bang!” never entered the US top 200 :(


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