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RoxSpain gathering is loud, lengthy

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on October 8, 2000 to .

RoxSpain represenatives appeared on national radio station “40 Principales” Friday evening where Äntligen was given a “nice song” comment by the well-known DJ. The fans talked about Marie’s album and recently completed tour, the US album and promo tour, and the fan meeting they had planned the next day.

Fifteen fans showed up for RoxSpain’s first fan meeting on Saturday in the center of Madrid. RoxSpaniard Agus successfully attempted to slip Do You Want to Be My Baby? into the “background music” of the place they were at. According to Peter Mills, one of the leaders of RoxSpain, “she had to lie and say it was part of the show.” The music was played so loudly that some of us were astounded (or even embarrased) by it.”

Here’s how Peter described the rest of the day: “Music shops, walk (tour round some parts of the city), lunch, walk, park, walk, sit in a terrace bar, walk, have supper, divide ourselves, walk, search for some pub/disco (no luck)…walk (fans dropping out little by little)…search for a taxi… I think every who attended would agree that it was a very good (and tiring) experience. We all had a marvellous time and enjoyed meeting each other very much.”

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