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Discography book still waiting to be published

Written by roxeteer on October 4, 2000 to .

The long-awaited Roxette discography book is still on hold. Robert Thorselius, the author of the book, told The Daily Roxette that the publishing has been delayed for editorial reasons, e.g. proof reading. “We are now in the final stages of producing the book and we expect to release the book by the end of this year or early next year,” he says.

Some time ago, the publisher was looking for a new title for the book, but they didn’t receive any suitable suggestions, so the book will be published under the original title “The Look for Roxette”.

“The Look for Roxette” will be published by a Swedish company called Premium Publishing.

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How about “A Look at Roxette’s Joyride”

just wondering....Roxette’s forthcoming album is meant to be released at roughly the same time i.e March/April 01. I hope this book will include details of this too....


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