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Gyllene Tider celebrates TV4’s 10th anniversary

Written by roxeteer on October 1, 2000 to .

Gyllene Tider reunited briefly for TV4’s 10th anniversary on Friday. They performed a playback version of “Gå & fiska”. Their performance wasn’t broadcasted live, as Per was in the USA on Friday. A RealVideo clip is available on TV4’s website.

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WHAT?????? I thought they would play live!!!!! SHIT!!!!!

The performances were recorded late August, but they are singing live.. you can see that clearly in Per’s voice :D

How come, in the end of the song, you hear a sound like ’hey’ from Per when he isn’t near the mic?

I would say it was playback but that Per’s mic was on, so that “some” of his voice was live, if you get what I mean. This a quite common way to make the playback sound a little more real than just lipsync to the music.



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