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Fans hear Roxette “Live” on U.S. Radio – via Internet

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on September 26, 2000 to .

Fans around the world were able to listen to New York City’s WPLJ – via the Internet – to hear Roxette begin what was, perhaps, the most important day of the U.S. promotional tour.

This 8:30 am “in-studio” appearance occured during peak “rush hour” traffic. Many people in the U.S. only listen to the radio when driving to and from work each day.

Hosts of the show are Todd Petingill and Scott Shannon. It’s one of the most popular radio stations in the country, and they – up to this point – have not added “Wish I Could Fly” to their playlist. Hoping that this will now change, the RoxNorthAmerifans’ RoxAttaqUSA campaign asks that you call ’PLJ and request they play the “new” Roxette song you heard them sing live, this past Wednesday morning. The station’s request line is 1-800-321-9755.

  • WPLJ (Photo courtesy of WPLJ)

It’s almost impossible to listen to a contemporary radio station anywhere in America today and not hear the sound of Scott Shannon. Both as an Air Personality and a Program Director, Shannon’s impact has been so far-reaching that his peers in the radio business named him the “Most Influential Programmer of the Past 20 Years,” according to a special survey conducted by the trade publication “Radio and Records.”

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