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Chairman of Swedish pop composers group defends Napster

Written by roxeteer on September 18, 2000 to .

In today’s Metro Stockholm, Roger A. Wallis, the chairman of SKAP (Association of Swedish Pop Music Composers) defends Napster, the Website that the recording industry wants to outlaw since it’s being used to download music illegally from the Internet.

Wallis was interviewed by Computer Sweden magazine. He says in the interview that Napster fills an important function, since it gives people an opportunity to find new music. “If people are interested enough, they will pay for concerts and physical stuff,” he claims.

Both Per and Marie are members of SKAP.

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When it comes down to it, MP3s are a good thing - and Napster is one of the best things that could happen for fans. Were it not for Napster I’d never have found demos of Dance Away and The Look (with just Per singing). The only people who are complaining about it are those who are making a mint from the music business, and think Napster’s stopping them from making even more. Like they haven’t got enough already.

Nope - as long as there’s something people want and can’t get hold of through the usual channels, be it music not released in their country, anime videos only available in Japan or America, whatever, they will find a way of getting it if they’re persistent enough. And the Powers That Be™ will always try to stop us. And I’ll tell you this for nowt: they’ll never win.


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